Entrust Property Fit to manage your physical assets professionally on your behalf. We realise in order to function properly this relationship requires trust, transparency and accountability. We are extremely personable and caring and we guarantee you a professional service. We will treat your property as if it were our own. Our honesty and integrity will be at the fore and will form the basis of all of our relations and dealings concerning your property.


Our services include:

Rental Rate comparisons to determine rent

Advertising and showing vacancies

Interviewing and screening tenants

Printing, negotiating and executing rental agreements

Collecting rent

Sending notices and performing evictions

Routine internal and external inspections

Accounting and reporting services

Overseeing repairs and maintenance

You can rely on us to keep you well informed as to the status of your property. Where maintenance is required, and once we gain your approval, we will tend to this very quickly and efficiently using our own in-house team ensuring issues do not magnify over time.