Kevin Ross


Kevin is Auckland born and bred, raised in the shadows of the Waitakere ranges.

Kevin has been in the building business and operating from his Auckland base for over 26 years. As an owner-operator of a building company Kevin has always played a significant role in the day to day running of his business. All these years Kevin has not only managed his projects but has also been a hands on operator working with sub trades, customers and owners, thus enabling the smooth running of the project.

Kevin not only achieves an extremely high standard of work, but also demands the same standard from his sub-contractors and trades alike. These standards are naturally passed onto customers who continue to use him time and again resulting in long term relationships.

Kevin ensures all of his builders/carpenters are experienced and have a full range of skills, they are innovated, able to achieve a high quality of work in all manner of builds, from structural works right through to finishing, on both large and small builds. His builders are able to resolve problems that crop up, generally with little interference to schedules.

Kevin has always had an Occupational Health and Safety Policy in place. He is well aware of the regulations on such matters and ensures that all of our sub-contractors adhere to the standards.

Kevin has a great personality and is well known for his quality workmanship, getting things done on time and for continuously surpassing client expectations.


The type and extent of activities that Kevin has been responsible for over the years are plentiful and include:

  • Light Commercial

  • Residential

  • Renovations

  • New Builds

  • Small and large projects

  • Landscaping, decks, retaining walls, fencing, walk ways

  • Leaky homes

  • Building Pubs, Bars, Theme Bars, Irish Bars, Conference Centres, Day Cares, Gymnasiums

  • Social Development/Special needs buildings 

  • Retail shop and office fit outs


When it comes to quality control, Kevin’s presence and his overseeing of our sites enables us and our appointed foremen to inspect all stages of works and ensure a high quality of workmanship throughout the project. All council, engineer inspections and the likes are booked in and carried out at the various and correct stages of the project.